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Triple Miniature pack

Triple Miniature pack

Why not try our Triple Miniature pack for a complete taste of Newbold Spirit

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We now have our whole range packed neatly into a mini - gift box.  So, if you are wondering which 'Newbold' drink to try - then this is the perfect starter box for you.

Newbold Spiced Rum is an accomplished spirit with good balance, strong character and good complexity. Soft, light vanilla scents float over an excellent balance of sweetness, lifted by bright, zingy lemon and tangy bittersweet orange peels, concentrated in flavour without being heavy.

Newbold Cherry is a London dry gin base with added natural cherry.  This fabulously pink drink has a cherry nose, complimented with fresh juniper, some herbs and a discreet almond hints from the stones.  There is a natural fruit sweetness, but it ends up on a dryish finish with a touch of creamy almonds.

Newbold London dry is a classic example of its style, delicate on the nose with layers of fresh herbs filling the senses. The palate is wonderfully dry, crisp and well-integrated.

Serve neat or with premium tonic, ice and garnish.

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