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It’s always satisfying when someone says something complimentary about Newbold Spirit – it makes all the cold, early starts and late nights worth-while.  So, it was super lovely when best-selling author of ‘Why Mummy Drinks’ Gill Sims reviewed Newbold Spiced Rum.

Gill said: “it’s very nice, not too dark, not too sweet, not too spiced, just nice and rounded and well balanced and jolly good in my iced tea’.

We went to an evening with Gill Sims in Solihulll in 2019.  Gill was so funny and down to earth and asked the whole audience to write down their most embarrassing parental fail; I didn’t have the heart to say that mine was bringing our 14 year old daughter to the theatre with me that evening.  The 14 year old thought Gill was fab and it was her best PHSE lesson ever!

During the evening, Gill mentioned that she didn’t get sent ‘free’ things – so I immediately thought – Newbold can do something about that!  Once home, I messaged Gill and asked if she would like to try Newbold Spiced Rum without any obligations – brilliantly she agreed (I had sent photos of my dog wearing a sunhat to win her over!).

We are so thrilled and grateful that Gill took the time to say kind words about our Spiced Rum.  We are still very much in contact with Gill……I had to send her a ridiculous photo of the dog wearing a Christmas outfit as a thank you……

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