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Newbold Spirit were looking forward to a full spring and summer of trading at food and drink markets and festivals. Like all small companies, we’ve had to re-think our trading plans during lockdown and have resorted to PLAN B!

We’re very excited about PLAN B.  PLAN B was already in place and part of our business plan for Newbold Spirit Year 2 but with a bit of jiggery-pokery, we’ve moved things around.  Together with our Master Distiller, we’ve been developing new products like crazy!

We’re so excited to be bringing out Newbold Rum, a barrel-aged Jamaican ‘funky’ dark rum, towards the end of May.   We’re working on the tasting notes copy at the moment but to give you a sneak peak, the description will be along the following lines:  ‘Rich tropical fruit on the nose followed by light molasses with chocolate and caramel notes on the palate’.   We are absolutely thrilled with the taste of Newbold Rum – it’s a real rum lovers rum.

Which brings me on to the next development we’ve been working on.  Labels.  We love the colourful, carnival feel of our spiced rum label, so we’ve continued with this look, changing the colouring for each new product that we launch.   We’ve developed the labels so that they have a more luxury feel to them, using textured paper, print varnishes and foils; and the layout has changed a little as well.  The labels have now become a reflection of the premium, small batch spirit that Newbold Spirit creates.

Look out for details for the launch of Newbold Rum.


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