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There are loads of great things about market trading – it’s the ideal job for a chatty person.  True, sometimes the weather isn’t kind – too wet, too cold, too windy and even too hot! Occasionally, the planets align, and you have a golden event, and that’s just what happened at the Aston Martin Heritage Trust’s Festival; celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Aston Martin A3, the oldest surviving Aston Martin model ever built.

 The trust very kindly invited Newbold Spirit to be part of their artisan food and drink section.  The festival itself was incredible and we watched with astonishment as the carparks at the Dallas Buston Polo Ground filled with 700 Aston Martins – one of the largest gatherings of Aston Martins ever.  We were able to see the F1 Vantage Safety Car, the DMX Medial car, a James Bond style DB5 and a new limited edition model launch, all in a super relaxed atmosphere with the occasional trademark roar from an Aston Martin engine.

What a great day!

We should also note that Newbold Spirit had a great day too – introducing our brand to lots of lovely new customers – we can safely say that Aston Martin owners do like their barrel aged rum!

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